GE15: Pejuang aims to contest in Sabah, says Mukhriz

Pejuang means to challenge in Sabah in the fifteenth general political race (GE15), its leader Mukhriz Mahathir said today.

Notwithstanding, he said the party has not settled on the quantity of seats or voting public it would challenge in.

“We will challenge in the overall political race, remembering for Sabah, however no choice has been made on the quantity of seats, the electorates to take on, etc,” he told journalists after a breaking of quick service with Sabah Pejuang here today.

Likewise present was Sabah Pejuang boss Nicholas Sylvester Abdullah.

On Sabah Pejuang, Mukhriz said it would be authoritatively sent off in the state on May 22, and the party wanted to extend its impact in each of the 25 Sabah parliamentary electorates as a feature of its arrangements for the forthcoming general political race.

Mukhriz said Pejuang presently has 16 branches in the state, making Sabah the state with the third biggest number of individuals, after Kedah and Selangor.

In the interim, he said the party was available to conversation with any ideological group to cooperate in confronting GE15 in Sabah as well as in Peninsular Malaysia.

He said all gatherings, regardless of their disparities in political belief system, have a typical point, which is to change the country’s political scene as what occurred in GE14.

On Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) ‘huge tent’ plan, Mukhriz said Pejuang might want to tune in and figure out what’s the real deal first.

“What is the job of each party, including us, a little party with just four MPs. So we need to offer them the chance to make sense of the genuine importance of the ‘large tent’.

“In the PH period post-GE14, the ‘enormous tent’ that was made around then offered the chance to all gatherings regardless of the number of seats were won to be in the Cabinet. That is one methodology. So we want to find out whether a similar methodology will be taken or will specific gatherings be ruling the ‘enormous tent’,” he said.

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