Suhakam commissioner wrong about immigration depots capacity, says DG

The movement office has kept claims from getting packed and understaffed migration stations as affirmed by the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam).

In a proclamation, migration chief general Khairul Dzaimee Daud differ that the Lenggeng movement terminal in Negeri Sembilan is packed, and three different warehouses are understaffed, as asserted by Suhakam’s kids’ magistrate Noor Aziah Mohd Awal in a Berita Harian report distributed yesterday.

“The Suhakam kids’ chief’s assertion did not depend on realities and doesn’t portray the administration of movement stops the nation over,” he said.

“The all out detainment limit at the Lenggeng migration stop is 1,000 individuals, of which 800 are male and 200 female.

“As of April 24, the all out number of prisoners at the station was 779, containing 583 men, 173 ladies, 15 young men and eight young ladies.”

In the Berita Harian report, Noor Aziah guaranteed that Suhakam’s checking visits observed that the Lenggeng migration terminal was stuffed and understaffed, with the Langkawi and Belantik movement stations additionally having deficient labor.

In the interim, Khairul uncovered that each of the 21 migration terminals the nation over, including three transitory movement stations, can hold up to 21,150 individuals.

He expressed that as of April 24, the all out number of prisoners in these stations was 17,624 individuals, including 12,895 men, 3,211 ladies, 851 young men and 677 young ladies.

“All prisoners who are youngsters are housed with their gatekeepers,” he said.

Khairul likewise said that the migration division evaluated staffing prerequisites for all stops in 2019 subsequent to considering the requirements of the officials, adding that the office is filling opening – remembering for confinement warehouses – on a continuous premise.

A few basic liberties gatherings and activists have asserted that a new breakout by in excess of 500 Rohingya evacuees from a movement warehouse in Kedah was confirmation that congestion is an issue at confinement focuses.

In the 4.30am occurrence last Wednesday, 528 Rohingya prisoners got away from the Sungai Bakap movement detainment station close to Bandar Baharu, Kedah.

Two youngsters were among the six exiles killed while attempting to cross the North-South Expressway close to Jawi.

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