Tidal flooding affecting factories in Teluk Gong, says DAP man

Rising ocean levels and environmental change have left manufacturing plants in Telok Gong, Klang, immersed with seawater during elevated tide interestingly.

Charles Santiago.
In a Facebook post, DAP’s Klang MP Charles Santiago said he visited a bed industrial facility yesterday which was encountering flowing flooding because of the occasional elevated tide, which he said has never been an issue previously.

“We want better degrees of readiness to confront slow beginning occasions of ocean level ascent and environmental change that are starting to arise in different pieces of Klang,” he said.

Addressing FMT, Santiago said he visited plants in December which caused misfortunes of up to RM500,000 because of these floods.

Expressing that the seepage around the manufacturing plant appeared as though it hadn’t been cleaned for a really long time, he additionally noticed that the water in these channels were stale.

Calling attention to that significant expenses implied migrating was not a practical choice for organizations, he encouraged the public authority to assist its flood relief plans for Klang.

“The most prompt way forward is to tidy up the waste framework,” he said.

“Over the long haul, we truly need to upgrade or reexamine Klang’s whole waste framework

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